“Rimless plate, an evening dedicated to the open mind” was held on June 7th, 2019 at Künstlerhaus Bregenz, Austria and consisted of a unique Kimono dance performance by Maico Tsubaki, who seemed to transform time & space. Architectural sanity and insanity was questioned by Marc Lins on his custom-designed mobile projection unit, a daring blue neon sculpture with an even more daring message was shown by Peter Lederer and Voyagers – Instant Encounters, a photographic installation, was contributed by Oliver Lins. The show closed June 26th and was part of Mathias Kessler’s “Interruption”. [Installation]

“Voyagers – Instant Encounters” is a portrait of man. A slice of it at least showing people of “all couleur”, raw and true in the moment. All portraits are captured spontaneously and portray mostly strangers but also friends and family of course. Communication, spontaneity and the ability to get that momentum while still building trust, plays a crucial part besides the actual photography. Shot solely on Fuji’s Instax film, I later scan each picture in high-resolution but without further digitally editing it, in order to get as close to the quality and look & feel of the original as possible. This collection is constantly changing and growing but by no means is there a chronological or other kind of order. It’s the place and point in time where our paths cross which is most relevant to me, allowing for those magic moments to be born and preserved.

Capturing these flashes is a rather thrilling and rewarding experience, which makes the concepts of nationalism, extremism, greed and tough immigration laws seem strangely fallen out of time. Especially for those who regularly witness the vividness and advantages gained by movement and the exchange of culture and knowledge. The current trends will not lead to any kind of good result and it’s clear that if you are a maniac, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your last name is.

Mountains are not moved by faith but by technology. So it’s not the grey goo you should be afraid of, it’s the brown one! I rather stick with Jack who sang one of electronic music’s most famous lines “You may be black, you may be white; you may be Jew or Gentile. It don’t make a difference in OUR House. And this is fresh.” (from “Jack’s House”, Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers)

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Oliver Lins Olex Berlin New York


Austrian born, 1972
Parsons School of Design, New York

New York, United States 1994 – 2004
Berlin, Germany 2004 – current

Olex – Creative Agency
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Unterbrechung - Teller ohne Rand, Kuenstlerhaus Bregenz

Vorarlberger Nachrichten

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