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This site currently hosts two approaches which differ significantly because of the equipment used and the pursued concepts which are captured with that equipment and mindset. Both, Invading Spaces | Quest – Im Wandel der Zeit and Voyagers | Instant Encounters are topic specific, multidisciplinary diaries. Through the use of photography, writing, audio and video footage as well as drawings, stories are told which are inspired by movement, exploration and the interaction with places, things, ideas and individuals. “Invading Spaces” shows regional and cultural particularities and characteristics by focussing on the surroundings created by man. Reflecting on man-made environments paints a pretty good picture – an indirect portrait so to say – of the inhabitants and the era you are looking at. The things we put in this world and the shape we give them are forced upon each one of us .. they are invading spaces and should therefore be well-thought through. My focus occupationally (Olex – Creative Agency) aims at related fields of interest like typography & signage, identity in the public realm, architecture, various design genres and more.

In the recently exhibited and now published project “Voyagers”, the approach is a much more direct one, using a different photographic system. This portrait of man is painted by actual people of all couleur, captured rather spontaneously. Fujifilm’s Instax Polaroid system provides an impressive and well-balanced color spectrum which makes it to me, the ideal Polaroid style portrait camera when out and about.

Though this is not a political website, I take the liberty to comment on what I see and produce. The stories in Invading Spaces contain personal views alongside historical and other facts which I research to the best of my knowledge. Respect for the individual’s privacy have always played a key role in my work. Almost everyone who posed for a picture, was asked beforehand and a promise was given to not reveal the identity.  The two photographic techniques complement each other and are meant to function together as well as on their own.

For professional inquiries please write to info@oliverlins.com or call Olex Berlin at +49 30 29779837. Visit our website Olex – Creative Agency at olex-design.com for more information.

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Oliver Lins Olex Berlin New York


Austrian born, 1972
Parsons School of Design, New York

New York, United States 1994 – 2004
Berlin, Germany 2004 – current

Olex – Creative Agency
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