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“Invading Spaces, Quest – Im Wandel Der Zeit” and “Voyagers, Instant Encounters” are topic specific, multidisciplinary diaries. Essays are compiled using various techniques involving photography, writing, audio field recording and audio production alongside video and drawing. Inspired by movement, exploration and the interaction with places, things, ideas and people, “Quest – Im Wandel Der Zeit” highlights regional and cultural particularities and characteristics by focusing on the surroundings created by man. Man-made environments paint a pretty good picture of those who made it. “Show me how you live and I tell you who you are” …  just on a bigger scale. The things we put in this world and the shape we give them are forced upon each one of us. They are invading spaces.

“Voyagers – Instant Encounters” follows a more direct approach and uses a different photographic system which is Instax Polaroid film. It’s format, colors and look and feel, work well with this sort of portrait photography. Untouched and true to the moment, these instant encounters add up to one larger view, a coincidental portrait of man. Revealing only the origins of the individuals along with the location and time the portrait was taken, on the one hand serves today’s privacy concerns and on the other hand reflects on how international many parts of the world actually are.

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Oliver Lins Olex Berlin New York


Austrian born, 1972
Parsons School of Design, New York

Vienna, Austria 1992 – 1993
New York, United States 1994 – 2004
Berlin, Germany 2004 – 2022
Barcelona, Spain 2023 – current

OLEX – digital. branding. photography

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